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Men Volunteering


Community Cleanups

We work with our community partners across neighborhood boundaries to leverage volunteers for action and greater impact. This allows us to share resources, achieve projects faster, and have more fun through collaboration and deepened connections.
Current efforts include working with the City on graffiti abatement, on community cleanups and beautification, and supporting local projects that enhance the livability of our City.

Art & Placemaking

In partnership with Hawthorne Boulevard Business Association, neighborhood associations and United Nations Portland Chapter, S2C2 has helped steward local peace pole installations featuring 29 languages. We've been working to add more languages including a new peace pole in solidarity with the Ukrainian community and additional installations. Contact us if you're interested in a similar installation or other art/placemaking projects!

Visit our Peace Pole Project Page


Sustainability & Equity

Through our sustainability and equity efforts, we have the potential to make real and positive change. Continuing efforts begun with the Hawthorne Area Civic Ecology (HACE) project, we are working to support more renewable energy projects, and hoping to install a solar kiosk mini-resiliency hub in our community. As we work to foster greater equity, we look forward to engaging and supporting Portland's many diverse cultures to feel seen, welcome, and respected. 

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